Bake Up The Best Bacon Recipes

Baked macaroni and cheese
Taste of Home has created a delicious list of recipes for bacon lovers all over the world. Bacon adds so much flavor, it’s hard to imagine any food tasting bad when bacon is involved. Below you will find some of the best bacon recipes for all occasions, sweet or savory. Grilled... [read more]

Prepare For Back To School With These Tips

Little girl smiling while working on homework
Summer break is coming to an end, and it’s time to start preparing for the new school year. With the right amount of preparation, your kids will hit the ground running on the first day of school. Follow these back-to-school preparation tips to ensure the process goes smoothly. Set Up a... [read more]

Get Your Seafood Fix At Emerald Isle

Deep Fried Calamari,
Are you craving fresh seafood? If so, Emerald Isle Seafood in Crestview is the place to go. Part restaurant and part seafood market, you can dine in or grab some fresh fish to prepare at home. Get the details on Emerald Isle Seafood and stop by for the tastiest seafood... [read more]

Deck Out Your Hummer With These Accessories

Hummer EV Truck
It won’t be long before the GMC Hummer EV Pickup and SUV hit the roads in Florida and the rest of the country. GMC is currently taking reservations for this powerful all-electric super truck and has sweetened the deal by offering some cool accessories. Check out some of the top... [read more]

Bring Fido Along To These Crestview Restaurants

Cute dogs waiting for food from people.
Does your furry friend give you those sad puppy dog eyes every time you leave the house? He wants to come with you, but not all places are dog-friendly. Fortunately, you can dine out at some pet-friendly Crestview restaurants. Then, Fido can come along and hang out with you while... [read more]

Graze On These Grilled Chicken Kabobs

Chicken Skewers on Barbecue
Kabobs are the ultimate summer finger food. Full of flavor and easy to eat, they show up on dinner tables throughout the season. You already love kabobs, but you can take that love to the next level with this recipe. Find out how to make grilled chicken kabobs and get... [read more]

5 Florida Off-Roading Tips

friends load car trunk with baggage. summer road trip
Forget the beach. Summer is the perfect time for some off-roading fun. If you’ve never been off-roading before, prepare by following some tips. These Florida off-roading tips will ensure that you have a blast on your adventure. 1.      Research the Trails Ahead of Time You can’t always count on your cell phone... [read more]

Shake Away The Sand In Your Vehicle

Sandy feet and flip flops on the beach
With so many beaches close to Crestview, you probably spend lots of time enjoying the sand and the surf. The sand is great when you’re lounging on the beach, but you don’t love it when it ends up in your car. Sand can be hard to remove, so you find... [read more]

Pack Up These Beach Day Essentials

Shot of a happy young family at the beach
Even though we're lucky enough here in Crestview to live very close to the beach, there's always room to refine your packing list for days at the beach! These essentials will keep everyone safe, nourished, and entertained! 1. Sun Protection One of the most important things to remember when you go to... [read more]

Rise And Shine With These Hacks For Becoming A Morning Person

Side view of young woman pouring coffee in cup.
Whether you're a morning person who has lost their early to bed/early to rise mojo or a tried-and-true night owl who needs a schedule change to help them feel more rested, these tips will help you wake up easier! Move Up Bedtime If you're regularly hitting the hay at 11:30, aiming to... [read more]