Devour These Quick And Easy Game Day Snacks

Baked Frito Taco Dip
Gameday and easy dips make for a winning combination. That's why we are bringing you three quick and easy game-day snacks that are sure to be gone by halftime! Salmon Party Spread This one-step party spread will be a crowd-pleaser, plus it takes quick and easy to the next level! 1 package... [read more]

Stay Safe On The Road With These Driving Tips

Driver adjusting the Rear Mirror
Get to your destination safely using these safety tips that every driver should know. Keep you and your passengers safe every time you get behind the wheel. These days, drivers can be distracted by so many things inside and outside the vehicle. Use these safety tips to ensure the safest... [read more]

Pumpkin Everything: Try Out These Autumn Recipes

pumpkin bread
When you think of pumpkin, you likely imagine pumpkin pie. While pie is delicious, there are other ways to use pumpkin as well. Try these autumn recipes to enjoy some pumpkin. Pumpkin and Bacon Mac and Cheese For lunch or dinner, consider this upgraded mac and cheese. To begin, heat oil in a... [read more]

Enjoy a Family Dining Experience At The Wild Olive

Beautiful senior mother and daughter eating lunch together at restaurant
For a delicious local dining experience, consider The Wild Olive. You can head over for lunch or dinner at this local restaurant right here in Crestview. No matter when you visit, expect a delicious meal. Crucial Details to Plan a Meal Before driving to The Wild Olive, make sure you know where... [read more]

Learn To Host A Beach Bonfire Just In Time For Fall

young people roasting marshmallows by the sea at dusk
As the temperatures drop, stay warm at the beach with a bonfire. Before you start inviting everyone for a bonfire, make sure you are ready to do so. From food to activities, learn how to host a beach bonfire. How to Make the Bonfire To start, learn how to make the bonfire... [read more]

Don’t Buy Into These Car Shopping Myths

Happy family choosing a new car in a showroom.
Buying a car is such a common part of life. As such, there are many myths and misconceptions about this process. Instead of falling for them, learn to separate the myths from reality. Myth: You Will Only Find Great Deals Online As online shopping becomes more popular, many people look for cars... [read more]

Grill Your Own Delicious Seafood

Grilled salmon on grill
Summertime is prime time for grilling, and seafood goes great over the flames. Whenever you want a break from seared burgers and steaks, try these grilled seafood recipes. Lime Salmon Avocado-Mango Salsa Sweet and citrusy lime juice brightens up this grilled salmon, which also benefits from a fresh colorful salsa. To get... [read more]

Turn This Summer’s Seashells Into Gorgeous Crafts

Bunch of seashells on still life
If your seashell collection is overflowing, put them to good use with some of these gorgeous seashell crafts for your home! Ombre Clam Shell Wreath Minimalist and just "beachy" enough, you can use clamshells and dye to make an ombre wreath. Before you assemble the wreath, you'll dye about half of the... [read more]

Send The Kids Back To School With These Lunches

Mother preparing healthy snacks lunch boxes for daughter
The new school year is upon us, which means that it's time to get back into the swing of packing lunches for the kids. These easy, tasty ideas will keep things simple for you while keeping lunch interesting for your kids! Lasagna Roll-Ups Transform this classic dinner into a kid-favorite lunch with... [read more]

Get The Most Out Of Your GMC Infotainment System

Stay connected on the go
GMC's infotainment system is jam-packed with the newest technology to ensure that everything you need is at your fingertips. For GMC drivers, turning on the navigation system, listening to the radio, and pairing their phone is always a piece of cake. So many drivers with infotainment systems don't take the... [read more]