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Check Your Tires Before You Hit The Road

Checking a tire
Of all the elements and components of your car, tires are among those that take the biggest beating. Every mile you put on your vehicle, your tires will suffer some wear and tear. A good set of tires should last 60,000 miles or more. However, at some point, you’ll need... [read more]

Learn The Signs Of A Bad Car Battery

close up of car battery with jumper cables
Nobody wants to be stuck in the driveway due to a dead battery, but this common automotive problem always seems to strike at the most inconvenient times. When that happens, you have to change your plans, as your car won’t be going anywhere until it gets a jump. Fortunately, you... [read more]

Beat The Heat And Keep Your Car Cool With These 10 Tips

Protective reflective surface under the windshield of the passenger car parked on a hot day, heated by the sun's rays inside the car.
Summer heat can be even more miserable when you’re getting in the car and trying to cool it down. Temperatures soar when a car sits in the sun. And there’s something fierce about the Florida heat that can melt anything you leave on the dashboard. Fortunately, there are some great... [read more]

Drive On The Sand With The 2022 GMC Canyon

If you are looking to take the road less traveled in an off-road capable pickup truck, then Lee Buick GMC recommends that you visit us and experience and explore the 2022 GMC Canyon. The Canyon is a sharp-looking midsize pickup truck that offers strong engine options, sturdy body-on-frame construction, and features... [read more]

Say Goodbye To The Sand In Your Car With These 5 Hacks

Happy family running on the beach
With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, you know that means less time at home and more time in the sand. It sounds delightful until you can't find a way to leave the sand at the beach and your vehicle becomes a sandbox. Sand can be... [read more]

Extend Your Vehicle’s Life With These Tips

Close up of man crouching on the gas station and inflating tire.
Are you envious of people who drive their cars for 200,000 or 300,000 miles? You can’t help but envy the money they save by keeping their vehicles on the roads. Fortunately, you can do the same thing with the right strategies. Check out some tips to extend the life of... [read more]

Tips To Keep Your Car Clean For The Holidays

Man Hoovering Seat Of Car During Car Cleaning
Your car has likely been in high demand this season. From trips to the grocery store to shopping excursions, you’ve been in and out more often than normal. Unfortunately, all of those trips can lead to quite a mess, but you can clean it quickly with some tips. Check out... [read more]

Stay Safe On The Road With These Driving Tips

Driver adjusting the Rear Mirror
Get to your destination safely using these safety tips that every driver should know. Keep you and your passengers safe every time you get behind the wheel. These days, drivers can be distracted by so many things inside and outside the vehicle. Use these safety tips to ensure the safest... [read more]

Don’t Buy Into These Car Shopping Myths

Happy family choosing a new car in a showroom.
Buying a car is such a common part of life. As such, there are many myths and misconceptions about this process. Instead of falling for them, learn to separate the myths from reality. Myth: You Will Only Find Great Deals Online As online shopping becomes more popular, many people look for cars... [read more]

Get The Most Out Of Your GMC Infotainment System

Stay connected on the go
GMC's infotainment system is jam-packed with the newest technology to ensure that everything you need is at your fingertips. For GMC drivers, turning on the navigation system, listening to the radio, and pairing their phone is always a piece of cake. So many drivers with infotainment systems don't take the... [read more]